Who are we?

Monnoyeur: a leading, innovative and fast-growing company serving the business community

Services, proximity and transformation.

Monnoyeur is a local partner capable of initiating and supporting transformations to improve its customers’ performance.
A global player in capital goods for industry, construction and agriculture, the group offers a range of services – sales, leasing, maintenance, after-sales services, training, software, optimised lead times, etc. – throughout the life cycle of production equipment. It invests to accelerate the modernisation of its customers’ production tools. It supports them in the essential digital transformation of their businesses and the energy transition of their activities.
What is its added value? Its proximity to its customers – this vital aspect enables it to continuously develop its solutions, adapt its practices and create numerous vital services.

Growth and corporate culture.

Monnoyeur is accelerating its international expansion. It operates in 23 countries, on five continents and has over 9 000 employees. It is the historic and often exclusive distributor for major brands (Caterpillar, John Deere, Autodesk, Trimble, etc.) in certain countries. Each year, its range of services is enriched by a portfolio of very diversified activities but also – and above all – a common corporate culture.

Family-owned and ambitious.

The group was created in 1906 and is family-owned. This guarantee of stability, agility and longevity demonstrates a willingness to invest for the future while always keeping a focus on the interests of employees and customers.
Beyond the figures and growth strategies, the group states loud and clear another ambition: going further together…

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CEO's words

“Monnoyeur is an international company with local roots”

“It’s in our DNA to be in the field. In factories, on construction sites or on farms. Monnoyeur is an international company with local roots. This is both what makes us unique and our strength. We draw upon our history to create close relationships with our clients. We know their production tools, we are aware of their needs, we share their successes and their difficulties. This closeness gives us real legitimacy. We are working to be a leader in all of our business lines. Our strategy is based on a combination of investment and external growth, strong innovation in new services, software and new ways of supplying capital goods. We work to ensure that current challenges – internationalisation, digitalisation of activities, technological development, the usage economy, energy transition – are transformed into concrete opportunities.”

 CEO of Monnoyeur

Philippe Monnoyeur,

Values: the compass that guides Monnoyeur

“Our values are like the four cardinal points of a compass: they give us our bearings for employees and managers, from the longest serving to those that join us each year. Values are our common denominator wherever in the world we have a presence. They guide us in times of success and in times of doubt”.

Olivier Ferrand

General Secretary of Monnoyeur


Monnoyeur is proud of the commitment shown by its employees and the trust placed in it by its customers. It is focused on providing a sustainable basis for its internal and external relationships, anchoring them in the idea of respect, and thus recognising the human, intellectual, social and moral value of its employees, customers and partners.


The group’s development is based on entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to innovate, which is a source of creativity internally and an effective lever for growth of our market share and revenue in the long term.


To anticipate and manage our future developments and support our customers in their markets, the courage to face the coming challenges is something that must drive the actions of each member of staff, in managing both customer relationships and internal teams.


The group’s strength lies in its longstanding ability to foster dialogue among employees at all levels and at all times. Employees are united by a real love for what they do and a passion for customer service, resulting in a friendly and effective working atmosphere in which each key moment and success is shared.