Acquisition of SBS Group by Arkance

On February 15, 2023, ARKANCE – subsidiary of MONNOYEUR – acquired SBS Group, a software development company specialized in the construction industry and BIM, based in Lithuania. This makes us even more capable of expanding our software production business.


SBS Group is a software development company established in 2007 with an exclusive focus on the construction industry. From stand-alone components to the entire system, their solutions serve as the building blocks of digital transformation for both SMEs and large industry players.


Gregoire ARRANZ, CEO of ARKANCE says: “I am very excited to welcome the SBS Group team into our teams. They will reinforce our building industry software development team in Lithuania. By acquiring SBS Group, we extend our software production business with solutions adding quantification and planning capabilities to our design tools. With these expanded capabilities, we will enable our customers to design and deliver buildings with more control over the projects costs, impact and timeline.”