We are proud of our support for causes in our beliefs and commitment. Our Group integrates a Corporate Social Responsibility approach into a strategy that highlights our core values ​​in terms of ethics, the environment and safety.

The Monnoyeur Group is committed around 5 themes:

The Group is committed to this sustainable development approach, which is a real performance lever and takes concrete action on issues related to risk prevention, occupational health and environmental protection.


Our Group makes the respect of the environment a daily commitment. Every day, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint through concrete actions and by raising the awareness of our employees.

We promote the virtuous behavior of our employees, we train them in eco-gestures and we also inform them every month on topical issues.

We seek to minimize our environmental impact by following strict regulations regarding the sorting and disposal of all waste. We sort all types of waste in our premises: paper, plastic, glass, iron, oils, hazardous products and soiled products via approved channels.
Our vehicle fleet is made up of vehicles with 100gr CO2 / Km and eco-driving training courses.

With regard to the machinery park:

  • ACERT® motors
  • use of alternative fuels
  • engines to TIER 4 standards
  • promotion of maintenance and maintenance contracts to promote the recovery of used oils and filters

Health & Security

Our Group has always been committed to a very strict policy of prevention of health and safety risks. Focused on the continuous reinforcement of staff safety, the Group is committed to providing the tools and conditions necessary to work safely.

Security, one of our essential values.

All our employees use personal protective equipment (PPE) according to the risks of their job and are trained on safety standards, so as to have all the tools available to avoid risks. All means are used to minimize workplace accidents and even the severity rate. We planned prevention plans and contingency measures for each potential risk situation. At each accident, an investigation is made to understand the causes and consequences of the accident so that it does not repeat itself.

We are proud of our results, which are the result of a joint effort by all our employees.

Workplace safety is also about the health of our employees. The Group is committed to ensuring a safe, healthy and enjoyable work environment and promoting well-being at work through initiatives that promote work-life balance.


The values ​​and rules of the Group are combined in our Code of Ethics. This is essential for all employees, whether they are employees or senior managers. The scope is designated by Groupe Monnoyeur and its subsidiaries, which undertake to comply with laws and regulations.

Our Charter reflects the Group’s commitment to its employees and partners by highlighting its core values. It deals with the following topics: compliance with laws and regulations, ethics and integrity in the conduct of activities, asset protection, respect and the protection of individuals.

Groupe Monnoyeur – Code of Ethics

Skills sponsorship

Aware of its social and regional responsibility in the economic life, the Monnoyeur Group wanted to engage in a philanthropic action for the future, unifying and linked to its activities: helping troubled young people to join the workforce by training them to a profession. The Group is naturally associated with the more than 100-year-old Apprentis d’Auteuil Foundation, with which it shares the same values: integrity, caring for the most vulnerable young people, conviviality and finally the courage and perseverance. As part of a professionalization contract, we accompany, over a period of 19 months, about 20 young people towards the obtaining of a qualification of Professional level “Technician of Maintenance Mechanics Engines of Public Works”.

The first project ran from autumn 2014 to spring 2016 and allowed 12 young people to fully or partially obtain their professional title, to learn a promising job and to gain access to an integration path.

Depuis avril 2016, les équipes opérationnelles de Bergerat Monnoyeur accueillent 18 nouveaux jeunes, dont 2 jeunes femmes, au sein de 8 ateliers principaux en France. Tuteurs et parrains, aidés par les équipes pédagogiques de la fondation Apprentis d’Auteuil et du formateur dédié à ce mécénat de compétences, les accompagnent chaque jour pour leur donner les moyens et l’envie de décrocher le titre équivalent bac professionnel.

Of the 2,275 hours of training required, the young apprentices will spend, alternately, 45 weeks in our workshops and 20 weeks in the theoretical training center. In November 2018, all will present their exam.

Corporate Sponsorship

Immersion art

The Monnoyeur Group commits for 3 years to the CulturEspaces Foundation to participate in the deployment of other educational projects with the priority of making the greatest number of employees’ children benefit from them. Know more.

Restoration of the royal gate

In 2006, on the occasion of its hundredth anniversary, the Monnoyeur Group, which was present on most of the major French construction sites of the 20th century, decided to join in the very important campaign of restoration of the castle and the domain of Versailles undertaken by the State, and more particularly to take charge of the financing of the restitution of the Royal grid within the framework of a corporate sponsorship.

Gustave Roussy Foundation

The Monnoyeur Group is a patron of the Gustave Roussy foundation to contribute directly to the fight against all forms of cancer by supporting teams whose expertise is recognized worldwide.
Each year, cancer affects 350,000 people in France, including 1,800 children, and causes 148,000 deaths. 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will experience cancer at least once in their lifetime. Faced with this public health issue, Gustave Roussy is deploying innovative research projects. Lire la suite.

Diversity Charter

The Monnoyeur Group and all of its subsidiaries in France and abroad, supported by the Group’s values, officially commit to promoting diversity within their teams.

The Diversity Charter is intended to promote equal opportunity qnd diversity in all areas.