The Monnoyeur Group is committed to the principles of good corporate governance. Thus, the governance of the Monnoyeur Group is based on the transparency of financial information, risk management and ethical rules, as well as on the group’s specific values of courage, respect, entrepreneurship and conviviality, which mark our excellence and our daily commitment to our clients.

In our organization, it is carried out by 2 main bodies.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has 12 directors, 5 of whom are independent, demonstrating the Group’s commitment to strong governance.

Baudouin Monnoyeur​

Other Directors

Grégoire de Castelnau
Patrick Cazalaa
Marina Cuypers
Pierre Faguer
Guillaume Gasztowtt
Pascal Guillemain
Xavier Jauretche
Bruno Monnoyeur
Denis Monnoyeur
Eric Monnoyeur
Thibault Monnoyeur

The Board relies on specialized committees to assist it and to deepen its knowledge of subjects falling within its remit.

The Audit Committee, whose main task is to review the financial statements, monitor the internal audit plan and risk management, and monitor compliance issues. ​

The Appointments and Compensation Committee, which is responsible for advising the Board on recruitment and the implementation of key Group positions.

Management Team

The Management Team has 7 members. It is a body for reflection, coordination and sharing of initiatives as well as monitoring of transversal projects. This committee ensures the operational management of the companies and the implementation of the Group’s strategy defined by the Board of Directors.
The main entities of the group are also managed by an own management committee, composed of the financial, sales, services, industrial and human resources departments.

Philippe Monnoyeur
General Manager
Olivier Ferrand
General secretary
Benjamin de Curières de Castelnau​
Handling solutions
Jean-Marie Basset​
Construction machinery
Grégoire Arranz​
Construction and manufacturing Digitalization
Philippe Rivoallan​
Arnaud Van Strien​