Creation of the company Hy. Bergerat & Cie.




A faithful commitment with Caterpillar: on December 6, the company becomes the exclusive importer of Caterpillar Tractor Company in France. atelier beregrat monnoyeur 1929



Creation of the first regional subsidiary in Toulouse.



The group innovates in the customer relationship process by creating the blue contract, which offers over 3 years a financing plan, a free repair contract and a strong take-back commitment.




Creation of the company Energie Autonome, precursor of Eneria, specialized in the grouping and assembly of industrial and marine engines.




Launch of the Handling business in which Caterpillar offers its first range of forklifts.




Localisation in the new headquarters at Saint-Denis



Beginning of internationalization with the start of the Caterpillar business in Algeria.




The Hy. Bergerat & Cie company became the Groupe Monnoyeur



Diversification of activities by entering the car care market with the acquisition of Impex and its subsidiary Feu Vert in France, Spain and Italy.

Groupe Monnoyeur acquires Impex, a leader in the distribution of parts and accessories, and Feu Vert, a leader in the maintenance of private vehicles.
In 1990, Feu Vert Ibérica was created in Spain, in partnership with Continente.
From 1998 until the 2000s, the Group’s diversification into the second-wheel vehicle sector brought a strong international development. Indeed, in France Feu Vert takes over the “AUTOSERVICE” auto centers by partnering with Casino and acquires the Mondial Pare-Brise network. He is also setting up in Poland.
In Spain, Feu Vert Ibérica takes over the DELAUTO car centers (Carrefour network).
In May 2007, the Group sold the companies Feu Vert and Impex, retaining a minority stake in the new entity Financière Cofidim, which now holds these activities.




Continued internationalization with Caterpillar in Romania. With its know-how, the Monnoyeur Group is deploying new activities through new partnerships (RVF, Renault, John Deer) also strengthening its local presence.



The Monnoyeur Group covers its markets through an organization of its businesses by subsidiary and by creating Bergerat Monnoyeur Travaux Publics, Bergerat Monnoyeur Energie, Bergerat Monnoyeur Manutentionand Bergerat Monnoyeur International.



Creation of IPSO AGRICULTURE in Romania, a subsidiary dedicated to the Distribution of Agricultural Equipment and Tools. Bergerat Monnoyeur starts renting small public works equipment by acquiring the company SLEVMI.



The group continues its internationalization and begins the activity Caterpillar in Poland.




The Monnoyeur Group focuses on its historical business lines and consolidates the differentiation of its subsidiaries by changing the identity of its companies.

Bergerat Monnoyeur Travaux Publics becomes Bergerat Monnoyeur CAT.
Bergerat Monnoyeur Energie becomes ENERIA.
Bergerat Monnoyeur Handling becomes APROLIS.
Bergerat Monnoyeur International becomes MAGELLAN.

The Monnoyeur Group focuses on its historical business lines and consolidates the differentiation of its subsidiaries by changing the identity of its companies




Bergerat Monnoyeur takes over Caterpillar dealership in Belgium and Luxembourg



In December, BM Location, specialized in the rental of earthmoving and compaction equipment in France, is sold to the Kiloutou Group.

On this occasion, the Monnoyeur Group takes a stake in an accomplished model of short-term rental, within Kilinvest, holding of Kiloutou.



The Group accelerates the transformation of its offering and anticipates new technological and economic models.

BERGERAT MONNOYEUR completes its offer by offering, through its subsidiary SITECH France, official distributor of the TRIMBLE brand, topographical equipment, machine guidance and fleet management of machines.
A subsidiary SITECH Belgium is created. In addition, APROLIS, in collaboration with BaLyo, offers a breakthrough technology offering with traditional handling systems (3D-guided automatic trolley system).



Creation of subsidiaries SITECH Poland and SITECH Romania to expand the geographical distribution of TRIMBLE products and software in Central Europe. Implantation of Aprolis in China.



The Group definitively leaves the market of the distribution of spare parts and auto accessories and of the fast repair by yielding Financial Cofidim and accelerates its growth on its historic trades.



Aprolis acquires Alfaland in Spain.



The Group reinforce its commitment to new technologies applied to the world of construction by creating the brand ARKANCE. ARKANCE acquires ARICAD, an important player in the development and integration of software, which becomes ARKANCE SYSTEMS.
ARKANCE acquires Vianova & iThesis.



ARKANCE acquires Aplikom (PL), CAD Accent (NL) and Greenock (BE+NL).



ARKANCE acquires PointGroup (FI), Cadstudio (CZ, SL, HU).

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