Immersion Art

What is the “ART IN IMMERSION” programme?

Supported by the French Ministry of Education, the “ART EN IMMESRION” programme is an artistic and cultural education project with a social vocation, aimed at children aged between 5 and 12 who are excluded from the cultural offer. This programme is tailor-made and based on an original pedagogy that is fun, immersive and interactive, allowing children to live a unique sensory experience through practical activities and digital tools. This experience allows them to awaken, develop and reveal their creativity.

By supporting this programme, Groupe Monnoyeur, driven by its values, is proud to contribute to the Culturespaces Foundation’s efforts to offer thousands of children made vulnerable by illness, disability or social insecurity access to culture and artistic practice, which are powerful tools for quality education, equal opportunities and living together. The educational and creative content of the project, divided into four stages, is developed in connection with the immersive digital exhibitions presented at the Atelier des Lumières in Paris, at the Bassins des Lumières in Bordeaux and at the Carrières des Lumières in Baux-de-Provence, which feature a different artist or artistic movement each year.

In this way, children discover the world of an artist in a playful and original way. They create links with his or her work and develop their curiosity and creativity. The three magnificent sites where the programmes take place allow the children to live a unique experience at the very heart of the artist’s work. This is a new and unique way of experiencing the works of art, which is perfectly suited to a very young audience.

For the past two years, the health crisis has further reinforced inequalities in access to culture and sometimes isolated certain children even more, particularly those in hospital or with disabilities. It is therefore even more important for Groupe Monnoyeur to support this programme.

How does the “ART IN IMMERSION” programme work?

School classes, associations or hospitals sign up for the programme and the Fondation Culturespaces provides all the support: running educational and creative workshops, providing educational kits including all the artistic material, organising on-site visits. Partnerships with cities have also begun to be set up to facilitate transport and the presentation of the children’s work after the visits (mini exhibitions).

The programme comprises 4 stages:

1- Educational workshop to prepare the visit and allow the children to get to know the artist better and understand his world

2- Immersive visit and discovery of the works in one of the 3 places.

3- Post-visit creative workshop in schools, associations or hospitals to give free rein to the children’s artistic expression.

4- Mini exhibition of the children’s works in their school, association, hospital or town.

“ART IN IMMERSION” in figures :

Over the past 5 years, nearly 17,000 children have benefited from this programme.

In 2021, the worlds of Dali, Cézanne and “Monnet, Renoir … Chagall” in a Journey to the Mediterranean were discovered with wonder by 6,032 children including :

  • 3956 were from “Priority Education Networks”
  • 1001 were disabled children
  • 187 were hospitalised children
  • 888 were children in social care.
  • 360 educational and creative workshops were held

In 2022, the aim will be to welcome 10,000 children around the new exhibitions.