Monnoyeur unveils its new corporate identity

Monnoyeur's new corporate identity

Monnoyeur has a new image to illustrate its dynamics and its value proposition in the service of its customers’ transformation.

In order to reflect the company’s strong evolution, its development and partnership logic and the importance of the group’s employees who are the architects of its success, Monnoyeur, leader in B to B services, adopts a new image and a signature that illustrate its value proposition at the service of its customers: “Going further together”.


This dynamic is present in the group’s four major businesses through strong brands:

  • Services and distribution with Bergerat Monnoyeur, Eneria and Ipso
  • Rental services with BM Rent and Aprolis
  • Digitalization services with Arkance and its solutions
  • Specialized services with GCS and Chronoflex.

The new brand image celebrates Monnoyeur’s heritage and the diversity of the 7,500 employees who make up the group and illustrates the dynamics of its activities in the service of sustainable growth.