Get on board with Benjamin Ferré and Monnoyeur

Monnoyeur partnership

"I am extremely proud to announce Monnoyeur's partnership with Benjamin Ferré," said Philippe Monnoyeur, CEO of Monnoyeur.

Philippe Monnoyeur


It began with a meeting between Philippe Monnoyeur, CEO of the group and 31-year-old sailor Benjamin Ferré, foal of the legendary Jean Le Cam.
The pair found common values: sharing, ambition and humanity. For more than a century, the Monnoyeur’s teams have handed down their expertise to younger generations, helping them respond to customers’ ever-evolving challenges.
This is why Monnoyeur decided to support Ferré in a four-year sponsorship programme. A major objective is to support him in the 2024 Vendée Globe, beginning with the Vendée Arctique in June, the Route du Rhum in November, and the subsequent qualifying races. He will sail with the group’s new identity proudly displayed on the hull and sails, accompanied by the DUO for a JOB association, which connects young people from diverse backgrounds and refugees actively seeking employment with mentors.

A look back at the day the boat was launched with Benjamin Ferré and all the partners!

Benjamin Ferré: the skipper

The boat

Baptismal name



Date of first






Mast height

Type of mast


Maximum sail area


Benjamin envoie le pépin

vplp – Verdier

2010, cdk technologies



18,28 m

5,40 m

4,50 m

8 tonnes

29 m

Mât Aile



250 m²

530 m²

The Transat CIC 2024

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