The HR Vision

Our human resources vision

Human resources are central to our activities. Training, remuneration, promotion, well-being at work, social support, etc. The Human Resources Division has a range of initiatives to create a stimulating employee experience on a daily basis. The international dimension of our Group and the diversity of our operations in different markets opens up a wide range of career opportunities both in France and abroad. Our ambition is that every persons should be able to develop and commit and actively contribute to the company’s performance, and feel proud to belong to our group.

We integrate eclectic profiles into our teams, ranging from young people without qualifications who we train and graduates of all levels who have the potential to evolve in our businesses, to experienced employees who bring us their expertise to succeed in our projects. In our Group, soft skills are just as important as know-how. We therefore look for future employees who are curious, pragmatic, who adhere to our values, are open-minded and cultivate a team spirit. 

In addition, we are committed to pluralistic approach. We do our utmost to welcome and develop our female workforce.
Professional mobility, work-study arrangements, remote working and work-life balance are levers that enable everyone to make a long-term commitment to the company.

Human resources in figures

Discover the key figures of Monnoyeur’s Human Resources Division.

+ 9 000


10 years

average length of service

41.8 years

of age on average


ENPS (likelihood of recommending the company)

Respect, entrepreneurial spirit, courage and social interaction:
How are our values applied on a day-to-day basis?

It is our entrepreneurial and innovating spirit that sets us apart from our competitors, that systematically makes us put the customer first and that explains our determination to go further, to stay in tune with the markets, and to take initiatives to ensure the success of projects.

We know that the success of our customers is also that of our employees. We are proud and grateful for their commitment. For our part, we build respectful and friendly relationships with our teams. This stance honours the human and intellectual qualities, and the managerial and professional skills of our employees. It also creates the conditions for well-being at work.

Within the Group, we have the courage and the desire to continually improve ourselves for the benefit of our customers and partners. Our proven know-how, which is the fruit of our experience of over 100 years, our dynamism and our reputation for quality of service are precisely what attract many of our customers and, above all, what ensures their loyalty.

Focus on…
The Charter for Living Well Together

Monnoyeur’s employees have defined, together, the principles for cooperation and management associated with the values of our Group. The “Charter for Living Well Together” enables each person to carry and embody on a daily basis the strong values that unite us.

Monnoyeur signs the Diversity Charter

Equal opportunities, professional and generational diversity, the fight against discrimination, the integration of young people without qualifications, the integration of workers with disabilities … all of these commitments drive our social and human resources policy. They are included in the Diversity Charter, signed in 2020 by Philippe Monnoyeur, CEO of the Group.

Health, safety at work, well-being: priority areas

We have always been committed to a very strict policy of risk prevention in terms of health and safety at work. Protective equipment, prevention plans, dedicated training: we are focused on the continuous enhancement of staff safety and reducing the risk of accidents. We are proud of our achievements, which are the result of a joint effort by all of our employees.

The group also strives to ensure a safe, healthy and pleasant working environment, to promote well-being at work through initiatives that foster work-life balance.
Thus, numerous services are offered to employees, as part of a social and societal approach (parenthood, remote working, health insurance, etc.)